To our Broker Community and Correspondent Broker Partners,
Effective February 26, 2021 – FEMA has declared Disaster Areas in major areas in Texas after the Ice Storms ravaged the state between 2/11 – 2/21.
For Conventional and Government loans prior to funding- if the property is in a Declared Disaster Area, we are requiring a 1004D inspection report with a current photo OR new dated comments by the Appraiser with current photo that the property was not impacted by the severe ice storm.
Inspection Requirements
Correspondents may utilize any of the following inspection options to satisfy the post standard disaster inspection requirement:
• Appraisal Update and/or Completion Report (1004D) for exterior inspections
• 1004D interior/exterior inspections for FHA loans not closed prior to the disaster incident date
• 2075 exterior Disaster Inspection
• Certification from a Licensed Property Inspector
Platinum Jumbo Requirements –
Our investor will require either a 1004D or the new Catastrophic Disaster Area Property Inspection. Either form will be acceptable however please note there will need to be an interior inspection to prove no interior damage.
Be healthy, be safe, be well.


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