LE Request Form
Rental Income Worksheet – Required for files with 5 or more properties

RESPA Documents

Change of Circumstance Form


Appraisal Transfer Policy
Desktop Originator (DO) Sponsorship Request Job Aid
Instructions: How to Submit Final DO Findings to MCF
Third Party Processing Fee Requirements
Wholesale Loan Status Definitions


Business Narrative / Self-Employment Questionnaire
Borrower Certification of Business Purpose
Business Purpose Occupancy Affidavit
MCFI Scenario Exception Request Form
Occupancy Certification
Ability to Repay Borrower Confirmation
Wholesale NQM Initial Submission Form
AML Beneficial Form
Ability to Repay

Government Program Documents

FEMA/VA Veteran Certification Form
FHA 4000.1 Streamline Refinance Worksheet
FHA Case # Request Form
FHA Identity of Interest Certification
FHA Loan Submission Check List
FHA Plus Loan Submission Check List
HUD Form 9991 FHA Condo Questionnaire
VA Appraisal Order Form
VA IRRRL Loan Amount Worksheet
VA Loan Submission Check List
VA Plus Loan Submission Check List
VA Purchase & Cash-Out Loan Amount Calculator Worksheet
VA Reservist Form
VA Sponsorship Application


4506-C Instructions
4506-C FORM
Anti-Steering Disclosure of Loan Options
CD/Doc Request Form
Covid-19 Affidavit
Full Condo Questionnaire
Gift Letter
Limited Review Condo Questionnaire
Create a Loan at Mega
Demographic Information 1003 Addendum – Effective 01/01/2018
Borrowers’ Certification and Authorization
1-0 Buydown Calculator
2-1 Buydown Calculator
E-Sign Disclosure and Consent
Flood Insurance Coverage
Home Ownership Counseling Notice
Intent to Proceed Form
California Addendum to Loan Estimate (Alternative to MLDS Disclosure)
Loan Originator Compensation
Loss Payee
MISMO 3.4 Application Pages Details
Non-Delegated Correspondent Application
New Broker Application
Property Inspection Waiver Disclosure (PIW)
Re-Draw Form
Settlement Service Provider List
Submission Checklist
Tangible Net Benefit Worksheet
Appraisal Waiver Form
Texas 50(a)(6) Refinance Checklist
Reconsideration of Value Form